When you listen to a subliminal audio, some amazing things happen to you. Here’s a quick breakdown…

You “hear” hidden messages

Positive affirmations are hidden within the soothing music. On a conscious level you can only hear the music. However you still absorb the hidden messages. Let me explain…

Your subconscious mind absorbs way more information than your conscious mind. This is a survival mechanism. Your conscious mind can only properly focus on one thing at once. In a survival situation you could be picked off by a predator whilst trying to light a fire. However your subconscious mind is constantly aware of multiple things going on around you. This allows you to react quickly should an unexpected danger occur.

Have you ever been in a room with several conversations going on? In one of the conversations your name is mentioned, or something significant to you. You hear it and so consciously tune into that conversation to listen to what they’re saying.

Your subconscious mind was taking in ALL the conversations, without you even knowing it. That is how you picked out your name from all that noise. Amazing stuff eh?!

What happens with hidden messages?listening-headphones

Just like in those survival situations, your subconscious mind hears much more than your conscious mind. You subconscious hears the positive affirmations and accepts them as long as you morally agree with them. Through repetition, positive affirmations such as “I stay confident and calm under pressure” become ingrained into your subconscious mind. This improves your attitude and behaviour in certain situations.

Why the subconscious mind?

Your subconscious mind is responsible for your automatic habits and urges. People with spider phobias may know on a conscious level that it is irrational to fear small creatures. Despite this their subconscious mind automatically triggers a fear response.

Talking to their conscious mind does little to help. Tell a spider phobic they’re being irrational, and they’ll probably agree, but their fear remains. It’s their subconscious mind that needs convincing – and that’s what subliminal therapy does.

What happens to you?

Through repeated exposure, your subconscious accepts the suggestions, and acts on them. So if you repeatedly hear “I remain calm in stressful situations”, your subconscious will gradually act calmer when stressed.

Over time you will experience a shift in your attitudes and behaviours. This will be automatic as it is not controlled by your conscious mind. When you change your mindset for the better, your life usually improves for the better.

Does it always work?

ford2No! The biggest reason for it not working is when you don’t really want it to. A classic example is when a well meaning loved one pressurises someone to listen to a quit smoking subliminal. If the individual does not want to quit smoking, then their subconscious mind will reject the suggestions. So make sure you’re committed to make the change and your chances of success are dramatically increased.

The great thing about this site is that it is free, so you can try subliminal therapy for yourself without any cost. Please let others know about it and give them the chance to make lasting positive changes to their lives.