Subliminal headphones

The free subliminal MP3 sessions on my site are really easy to use. You play them and listen to them as many times as you wish. Regular repeating helps embed the positive suggestions deep in your subconscious.

Here’s a few common questions about the use of subliminal therapy…

Do I need to use headphones?

You do not need to use headphones, but you can if you wish. It’s a matter of personal preferences and the circumstances you find yourself in. It won’t make a difference either way.

How often?

There is no right or wrong with subliminals. You may want to listen to a session 2 or 3 times, or you may wish to listen to them every day or a few weeks. The more you listen to them the better, but any amount of exposure will benefit you.

Some people will consciously experience positive growth after 2 or 3 listens. Others may take up to15 listens to feel the full benefit.

Typically people listen to them once per day for about 3 weeks.


phone subliminalYou can listen to subliminal audio’s almost anywhere. Because they don’t involve trance (unlike hypnotherapy) you can even listen to them whilst doing other things, such as when studying, cooking, or at work.

Because the suggestions are inaudible consciously, no one will know you are listening to a subliminal, or what it is helping you with.

However be careful when listening to sessions relating to relaxation and sleep. You don’t want to be driving or operating dangerous machinery in case you relax too much and put yourself in danger.

All of it?

If you run out of time and only listen to half a subliminal session, that’s fine. You will still gain some benefit. The positive affirmations are repeated throughout the track, so you’re unlikely to miss out on too much.

Can I mix and match?

You can listen to different sessions, but not at the same time! But listening to different sessions straight after each other is fine. You can for example listen to “Think Yourself Rich”, then “Charisma Booster” straight afterwards.

Try not to have too many different sessions “on the go” as you may find that you don’t listen to some of them often enough to properly embed the sessions into your subconscious.

Should I close my eyes?

Closing your eyes may help you relax and absorb the suggests a little deeper. However it is totally fine to keep your eyes open throughout. Find out what works for you best.

Can I listen to them in my sleep?

You can but it is likely that once you get beyond the light sleep phase, you will absorb less of the suggestions. If they don’t ruin the quality of your sleep, then you could give it a go and see how it effects you.

Is it safe?

Yes! There have never been any reported adverse effects related to subliminal therapy.

Can I use them with children

Yes it’s fine to use these sessions with children. Make sure they understand the meaning of the affirmations.

Do I need to be able to speak English as my first language?

No, but you do need to be able to understand the affirmations. The affirmations are listed at the end of each page. If you don’t understand some of them, you can always look them up. Most of them are fairly simple to learn.


Everyone is unique and react to subliminal therapy differently. Experiment and find what works best for you!