Charisma Booster Subliminal Music

This piece of subliminal music has been designed to help you develop your charisma and become a more captivating individual. Do you want people to hang on every word you say? Then this session is for you! By including carefully selected subliminal suggestions it will help you to greatly boost your levels of charisma. This can be incredibly useful for your career as well as your personal life.

To get the best results from these subliminal messages for charisma, we recommend listening to the MP3 (or watching the video) once a day for roughly a month. After which you may want to still listen once a month to keep the subliminal suggestions ‘topped up’ in your mind.

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Some of the subliminal messages included in this session are:

– I exude charisma and positivity.
– People think of me as friendly and approachable.
– When I talk, people listen.
– I give other people my full attention.
– People are naturally drawn to me.