Subliminal MP3s have a similar effect to hypnosis MP3s. Both talk to the part of your mind that is responsible for your automatic habits and urges – your subconscious mind.

This allows for quick and permanent change to your habits and urges.

However subliminal MP3s hold several distinct advantages over hypnosis MP3s. I’m not for one second suggesting that one is better than the other. But I thought I would highlight a few of the advantages of subliminals for you…


Since subliminal audios contain hidden suggestions, they ensure total privacy. If anyone overhears your subliminal recording, they will have no idea what it’s about. You can even listen to them in front of others. They don’t need to know that it contains hidden therapeutic subliminal messages.

Listen on the go

Subliminals do not require you to lie down, close your eyes and trance out. That means you can listen to them whilst doing other things. They can be playing in the background whilst you do housework for example.

More upbeat music

Hypnosis audio sessions tend to contain slow relaxing music in order to help you relax into a trance. Whilst this is pleasant, subliminal music can be more upbeat. Some people prefer this.

Uninterrupted soothing music

You can listen to the music without a voice interfering with it. Some people prefer this – some don’t. It may be the case that some days you want to listen to a soothing hypnotic voice. Other days you may not want to.

More effective on some people

Some people report better therapeutic effects with subliminals than hypnosis. Others report it the other way round. Find out which works best for you. Maybe you’re lucky and respond equally well to both.

Final thoughts

Whilst I wouldn’t say that subliminals or hypnosis are superior, they both have their place. Find out what works best for you in your given circumstances.

You may like to have some hypnosis sessions for more intense therapeutic work. These can be bolstered by subliminal sessions for “easy listening” whilst doing other things.

Discover and enjoy!