Advertising is everywhere.

It’s on the TV we watch, the radio we listen to, the websites we view, the papers we read, the magazines we flick through, the billboards we walk past, even the clothes we wear.

Advertising is inescapable.

And you better believe that marketing executives take full advantage of every trick in the book to MAKE you want to buy whatever it is they are selling.

Subliminal advertising is so effective that it has been banned completely in the vast majority of countries. What do I mean by subliminal advertising? That depends on the media. Generally though a subliminal piece of advertising will very quickly flash a key message such as “YOU ARE THIRSTY” or it may even say such a message at just the right level, masked by music, so that you don’t consciously hear it but still pick it up subconsciously.

Now, this type of advertising has been banned because it is thought to be so effective as to be unfair on consumers. For the most part this has been upheld, although a few examples have slipped through the net unpunished.


In a 2007 episode of Iron Chef, a McDonalds logo flashed on screen for only a frame or two. McDonalds denies any wrongdoing and the Food Network put it down to a technical error. With the scrutiny TV executives and producers put into what is shown to us, this can be considered hard to believe.

What adverts tend to do instead of the classic form of subliminal message is to create a supraliminal message. Now these are a bit more direct and obvious than subliminal messages but they are also very effective.

bkseveninchLook at the advert for Burger King to the right.

To all but the most innocent mind, it is quite apparent that Burger King are equating the “Super Seven Incher” (a sexual product name if there ever was one) with the pleasure of oral sex. It seems like a joke but now your mind will associate Burger King with pleasure and will make it more likely you’ll visit there in the future.

Now I want you to imagine what happens to the mind when it is bombarded with literally hundreds, if not THOUSANDS, of these kind of messages every single day.

The answer is that it becomes very muddled and confused.

There is even evidence to show that advertising may be directly linked to all manner of mental health disorders such as depression which continue to rise.

Is there any way to claim back your mind from the grip of advertising?

Well the most obvious way is to avoid advertisements as much as you possibly can. This means consuming less media and finding ways to eliminate adverts as much as possible in the media you do consume (DVR for TV, Adblock for internet, etc).

Perhaps you can even fight fire with fire.

By using subliminal therapy music such as you’ll find for free on this site, you’ll effectively be fighting back against all the junk that advertisers try to push into your mind. And because subliminal messages are stronger than supraliminal, you may find it even easier than you first thought.

If you think this might be effecting you then give our Clear Your Mind Subliminal MP3 a try. It’s completely free to download and we’re completely upfront with the messages that will be delivered to you.

Take back control!